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Direct access to your medical record, patient services and billing statements are available through our secure Online Services. The site is accessible through both a computer and a mobile device for your convenience.

Online Services: To get answers to your questions and more information on our Online Services, please click on an icon above. If you would like to establish as a new patient, click on Online Services, select Register, and complete the online form. Your request will be followed up within 1 – 2 business days.

Request Services: If you need a refill on your prescription or would like to request a routine appointment, contact your provider, or have billing questions, you no longer need to pick up the phone. These services are available through our Online Services. Once you access the Online Services portal you can then click on the “Services by Clinic” tab and choose your clinic to access these features.

Health Information: As many know getting that lab result or even a print out of your child’s immunizations can be a chore. We have made it easier for you through access to our Online Services. These features, as well as checking your prescriptions, medical history and information about your last visit, are all listed on an easy to navigate “My Medical Summary” tab.

    Medical Record Authorization Request Forms

    Documents are viewable with Adobe Acrobat Reader

    Authorization to Release Medical Information for Personal Records/Other Clinics of Facilities

    This form would be used if you require your medical records for personal use or to be given/sent to other clinics or facilities.

    Authorization to Share/Disclose Your Protected Health Information to Family Members or a Personal Representative

    This form would be used if you want to share/disclose your medical records/information to a family member(s) or a personal representative.

    Pacific Medical Group Privacy Policies