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About Us

Our Vision


Pacific Medical Group envisions being a primary care group with the following attributes:

  • An integrated medical practice that serves patients in the community

  • A provider of choice for primary care services for our patients and partners because of excellent patient-centered medical care, customer service and value

  • An employer of choice for recruiting, developing and supporting excellent physicians, providers and associates in a team environment and culture

  • A profitable organization that is financially strong


Pacific Medical Group's vision includes:

  • Providing an array of value-added services that are innovative, affordable and accessible, and enable customers to focus on their core business

  • Growing in a manner that strengthens our existing customers, and is manageable and sustainable

  • Remaining on the forefront of the incorporation of technological changes that improve practice management services

  • Generating a return that supports the profitability of the entire organization

Our Values and Operating Principles


  • Honesty will be the hallmark of all our dealings

  • We will be worthy of trust

  • Our communications will be open and honest

  • We will be good stewards, providing medical care and services that are appropriate, cost-effective and valued

  • We will act in our patient's and customers' best interest


  • Our actions and behaviors exemplify trust and mutual respect for our patients/customers, each other, and those outside our organization

  • We support the opportunity for all to express their ideas and opinions free of judgement

  • We treat each other in a manner that is courteous, professional and supportive of a team environment


  • Every person in the organization sees and understands our mission, values and vision

  • Everyone lives our mission and values, and nurtures and supports this behavior in others

  • The organization’s mission, values and vision will be operative in all our decisions


  • We are committed to open communication through continuous dialogue at all levels of our organization

  • We create and maintain a safe and respectful environment for the exchange of ideas and the resolution of differences

  • We embrace the active listening process – “seeking first to understand and then to be understood”

  • We agree to share information fully and honestly

  • We maintain confidentiality


  • We support leadership that is accessible to all

  • Commitment, responsibility and accountability are shared throughout the organization

  • We create an organization that fosters and supports shared leadership and is committed to mentoring and continuous learning

  • We support decentralized decision making by appropriate delegation and by trusting others


  • We create activities and events that are integrated into our work and celebrate success

  • We create an environment that encourages a sense of humor

  • We encourage the expression of joy, laughter, and humor

  • We establish traditions, ceremonies, and rituals that celebrate important events

  • We create a working environment that enhances and enriches our lives